You know what I think?

The perfect day starts with the sound of a coffee grinder.

Whole Foods “grocery shopping” is really just an excuse to buy craft beer or an exotic wine.

It’s okay that trucks only get 7.5 mpg – if they can drive up a wall.

There’s no harm in “having so much fun” at dinner that the restaurant demands you buy your chair.

I believe in avoiding people who don’t laugh when everyone else does.
I believe in pedicures – who doesn’t love a good foot massage?
I believe in being called “metro” – so long as I get pampered as a result.
I believe in living life at 100% all the time – you can always sleep later.

Getting kicked out of a taxi cab part way to your destination is a win, not an insult.

Backpacking trips under 7 days aren’t really an adventure, they’re just a vacation.

You can never have too many hobbies, be it mountain biking, golf, guns, backpacking, cigars or home brew.

Every trip must be last-minute – even when its been scheduled months in advance.

I believe there is no such thing as a bad surprise…that’s why it’s called an adventure.