You know what I think?

Napa wedding photographer

The perfect day starts with the sound of a coffee grinder.
Cars are just overpriced toys that reflect who we want to be, more than who we are.
Whole Foods “grocery shopping” is really just an excuse to buy craft beer or an exotic wine.
It’s okay that trucks only get 7.5 mpg – if they can drive up a wall.
There’s no harm in “having so much fun” at dinner that the restaurant demands you buy your chair.

I believe in pedicures – who doesn’t love a good foot massage?
I believe in avoiding people who don’t laugh when everyone else does.
I believe in being called “metro” – so long as I get pampered as a result.
I believe in being totally awake – sleep is an epic fail.
I believe in laughing at nothing in particular, which makes me look a little crazy.
(I’m not cray… I’m not.)

Getting kicked out of a taxi cab part way to your destination is a win, not an insult.
Backpacking trips under 10 days aren’t really an adventure, they’re just a vacation.
God created mountain biking before dirt, skiing before snow, and golf before grass
(though men still came first, because women are clearly an improvement.)
Every trip must be last-minute – even when its been scheduled months in advance.


There is no such thing as a bad surprise…

that’s why it’s called an adventure.