Santa Barbara Wedding – Skylar and Megan – HeartStone Ranch

Santa Barbara’s HeartStone Ranch is a private estate and we were excited to photograph Skylar and Megan there.

While Skylar is normally absolutely over-the-top unabashed (he can keep up with me without question) he also has the ability to slow down and appreciate the decadence of a moment like a kiss on the forehead.

Santa Barbara wedding kiss

Playing with my couples is something I do to get natural expressions that fit each couple’s personality – so asking Skylar to kiss Megan’s hand may have pulled him out of his normal mode of operation, but he stepped up to bat and had Megan laughing for longer than I’d plan a kiss on the hand would result in.

hearstone ranch kiss

Lace and buttons – I just wish there were more occasions for everyone to get dressed up with such fun clothes.

wedding getting ready

I’m a sucker for tears (though I’ll only admit to having cried once in the last 8 years – at my own wedding) and a groom’s tears are one of those moments that I could probably capture out of focus and over exposed and it would still carry the same depth.

Santa Barbara wedding crying

Skylar and Megan’s ceremony in Our Lady of Mount Carmel was perfectly elegant and their attired paired with the church is nearly timeless if not playful.

hearstone santa barbara

Who doesn’t love an obnoxiously expressive mariachi keeping everyone entertained!

Mariachi at Heartstone Ranch wedding

I like messing with people to create expressions, but Skylar plays with Megan in a way that allowed me to step back and watch the scene unfold – I was cracking up the entire time.

skylar and megan at heartstone

Asking Skylar to pick Megan up met in no hesitation and once again, their ability to not hold back and shameless attack each other with kisses met with another beautifully sun drenched image.

Skylar and megan heartstone Ranch wedding

Heartstone Ranch features a beautiful ranch home with built in dance floor and the perfect setting to dance the night away.

Santa Barbara wedding venue Heartstone Ranch

It’s always fun for me when the wedding party is just as gregarious as the couple who’s wedding they are a part of.

hearstone ranch wedding party

The first dance is always one of those moments I eagerly look forward to.

heartstone ranch first dance

When the sun starts to set, golden light starts to light everything on fire!

Heartstone Ranch wedding portraits