Lake Tahoe Wedding

Nate and Stephanie’s Lake Tahoe Wedding

Lake Tahoe takes the lead, but Squaw Valley does an amazing job as a mountain wedding venue.

Nate and Stephanie’s playfulness struck me right off the bat, and helped to create some amazing images in the sun drenched mountains of Tahoe.

Lake Tahoe Wedding Squaw Valley

I really wanted to feature Stephanie’s wedding dress in a way that screamed Lake Tahoe/Squaw Valley – I think the snow shoes do a great job sharing the area’s adventurous side.

Tahoe wedding details

When I asked Stephanie to play with her dress, she wouldn’t stop smiling and laughing.

Wedding preparation photos

A secluded private forest – a natural meadow to walk through into your ceremony site – I just wanted to spend the night right here.

Lake Tahoe wedding ceremony site

I couldn’t let the ceremony be the only time we took advantage of this private forest, so I let Nate and Stephanie have a mini adventure of their own after the ceremony.

Lake Tahoe wedding portraits

I love it when people smile – if you don’t smile, I don’t know if I trust you – Nate and Stephanie smiled together ALL day.

Couple's wedding portrait Tahoe

I was captivated by Stephanie’s beautiful eyes and amazing hair color!!

Stephanie's Tahoe style hair

Aside from a good adventure, I LIVE for expressions/smiles – Stephanie’s father-daughter dance gave me all that and more.

First dance wedding

I always tell couples “one more picture” – I think this may have been the 10th time I had told them “one more” – but they were having so much fun just playing and kissing, I didn’t feel bad asking them to embrace again.

Lake Tahoe wedding backdrop

If you are looking for an adventurous wedding location near Squaw Valley similar to this, contact either Heather at Summit Soiree or Stephanie at One Fine Day – these are two of the areas premier wedding planners/coordinators.