Lindsey and Frank’s Mill Valley Wedding

I would like to say that this happens all the time, but Lindsey and Frank surprised me – their need for adventure and passion for the outdoors almost puts my own to shame. Talking to them about their runs, mountain biking, backpacking, and passions as a whole had me wish we lived closer so I could add more adventure buddies to my list.

And not only are these two all about a good adventure, a ton of fun to hang out with, completely laid-back, and really kind hearted – they are totally down with throwing a GREAT party to celebrate with their closest friends and family members. It was tough to say no when Lindsey told me I should find a nearby hotel and party with them and their friends for the rest of the night!!! (next time…)




































Engagement session adventures

One of my favorite things about photography is going on adventures with my couples. Be it on the wedding day itself, or the engagement session – the chance to explore off the beaten path and push the limits always lends itself to the best photos!

After chatting about some of their favorite activities and ways to spend time together, we we decided to get lost on a hike in the mountains above the Santa Ynez Valley – I think it worked out perfectly.










Mischievous – what?

Since really clarifying my brand and really honing in on couples who are a perfect fit for me I’ve seen some raised eyebrows at one word in particular – Mischievous. For those who connect with it – party on. For those who don’t – there is an immediate questioning look and you can see the brain start to spin over what mischievous means and/or represents.


Let’s start with some background/a story – if you’re a friend of mine and you’ve ever been in a cab with me, you may have noticed that I tend to sit near the driver – I’m a huge believer that cabbies have some of the world’s most outrageous stories – I tend to strike up “conversations” with them – begging for their best stories. On a recent trip to Santa Barbara, my friends and I hopped a cab ride home from downtown and I started talking to the driver – less than half way home my buddies could see that I was up to no good and the cabby wasn’t jiving – so at the next stop-light Nate yells “Chinese fire drill!!!!” – we all immediately jump out the nearest door, run around the cab and hop into a different seat. Next thing you know, the cabby is yelling at us, light turns green, he pulls over to the curb, promptly kicks us out of his cab and leaves without collecting any of his fare. We had a good laugh and found another cab.

I can’t help but mess with people and push some limits. Be it posing for a photo with summo gold medal winner Byamba


Sometimes mischief is as simple as hoping a fence for the perfect photo, crossing lines, pushing limits – if no one is getting hurt, it’s safe. Your mischief makes for some of the most story telling photos of who you are as a human being – and more often than not, it results in the best expressions.

WPPI Master Class

In case you missed my posts earlier this year promoting my presentation in Vegas – in March I flew out to Las Vegas for the Wedding and Portrait Photographer’s International yearly convention to present a Master Class. With more than 12,000 photographers in attendance, my Master Class was an opportunity for a smaller group of photographers to break out and learn about what they need to know their first year in business.

Thanks to Jordyn Vixie for this picture of me in action

I had a great time sharing insight on the business side of things – from taxes, and finances to website design and marketing. It not only gave me a chance to give back to the community, but it also forced me to look at my own business with a microscope and figure out what’s worked/working and hasn’t worked.
Probably the funniest part of it all was when one of the guards for the room (they have these sweet ladies who stand outside the door and only allow paying attendees to enter the room) – I walked out to see if anyone else was on their way in – and in my true form, I was barefoot – the “guard” gave me a heads up that if security saw me without shoes on, I might be escorted off property – needless to say, I gave my entire presentation barefoot. And yes, I have hobbit feet. #shouldagottenapedicure

As a speaker – WPPI asks you to submit images they can use to promote the conference – it only took me three days of walking by it without seeing it before my buddy Jensen Sutta sent me this photo of one of my images at the Concierge Bar front and center of it all:
I had so much fun teaching up and coming photographers and sharing some of my failures and successes. I can’t wait to get out and teach more!