Thirst Relief Mentor Auction

It’s time to support a charity and for you to score big while doing it.

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I’m participating again this year in the Thirst Relief Mentor Auctions to support their amazing cause to bring clean water to the world.

If you don’t know about Thirst Relief – go visit their website to find out more. Then, if you’d like to support their cause, head here and bid on my auction.

Now’s your chance to score not only a full mentoring session with me – but also more than $500 worth of freebies including:
$400 worth of credit from ShootProof
2 free edits from Evolve

Support a good cause and bid on my mentoring auction with Thirst Relief International:

If the winning bid goes past $250 I’ll increase the calls to 2 90 minute mentoring calls and/or full-day in person and one 90 minute follow up call.…/Tim-Halberg-Thirst-Relie…/221681211456?

Squaw Valley Plumpjack Resort Wedding

Tucked away in Olympic Valley/Squaw Valley is the Plumpjack Resort – the closest wedding location to the mountain without standing on the face itself.

Adding in a quick trip to Lake Tahoe for some pictures on the beach and pier, Adam and Danielle chose the Plumpjack Resort Squaw Valley for their wedding location and brought with them a dance party to be envied.








Adventure Thursday – Nevada

I’ve been inspired over the years by a number of my fellow photographers and friends who pick one day each week to post on a specific topic – so today I bring to you the first installment of Adventure Thursday #adventurethursday for those who like hashtags.

Moving to Northern California was a big decision, we’d spent nearly 10 years in Santa Barbara – but with time and the help of a business mentor/coach I realized that without “true” adventure in my life, I was denying a part of myself that was causing me to get really burnt out. So, with little hesitation my wife Cheryl and I decided that a move north was needed. I quickly met a group of guys at church who shared the need for adventure and mentioned a guys trip over the mountains to the Nevada desert – guns, dirt bikes, hiking, camping – I couldn’t sign up quick enough.

Over the last two years I’ve made it out on several of these guys trips and they fill my need for adventure on another level – a road trip with all the excitement I could ever need.


All of these images were created with my iPhone – I can’t wait for the next adventure to bring my Sony A7s and A7II to push the envelope on my adventure photos – I tend to get so caught up in the adventure that I don’t want to bring a “real” camera – thankfully this new generation of mirrorless cameras are more compact and pack as much of a punch as any of the DSLRs.


Don’t be fooled… I may hate to sleep, but I  barely ever wake up in time for sunrise – this is sunset over the playa. (ok, the playa is kinda out of view, but it’s out there I promise)


While she only gets 7.5mpg around town, I’m pretty sure she does better than that on the highway, and worse than that when in 4wheel drive!



Now I just need to find someone who’s game to head out in the cold for an adventure next week!!

Bring On The Party – My Top 10 Night Wedding Photos

Being one who finds mischief to be one of the best forms of entertainment – I can’t help but love some night/reception photos at weddings – let’s face it – you add some music, some alcohol, and some really happy people and mischief is sure to abound.

This is a collection of just a few of my favorite nighttime reception photos from my weddings in 2014.














And for the more adventurous souls – a night hike with available afterglow and/or moonlight sometimes makes for the best photos after sunset without adding any extra lighting.night-wedding-photos17


The best photos may be the ones I can’t share – but hopefully these give a taste of the party the way I see it.

Arista Winery Wedding Photos with Caleb and Wade

Arista winery is one of those wedding locations that begs you to explore for hours on end. I could have spent the full day hiking around finding new and different spots to create epic images with Wade and Caleb (they got engaged while doing an 18 mile hike in the Marin headlands!)



You couldn’t ask for a more dapper group of groomsmen down for the cause of celebrating.03-arista-winery-wedding    10-arista-winery-wedding    11-arista-winery-wedding  13-arista-winery-wedding

Congrats Caleb and Wade – your smiles are infectious and your friends/family some of the happiest I’ve seen. Thanks for reintroducing me to oysters and sharing your day with me.

The wedding pros who made it happen:

Coordinator: So Eventful

Location: Arista Winery/Meredith

Catering: Tasha Deserio

Band: Belle Monroe and Her Brewgrass Boys

Florist: Dragonfly

String Trio: Skyline Ensemble