Mountain Boho Inspirational Shoot

On a hike in the mountains with Cheryl (my wife) I was inspired by the abundance of wild flowers and views out over Lake Tahoe. Realizing one of my dream weddings would be a boho inspired hike out into the wilderness, I knew I had to create that shoot and this is what became of that idea with a TON of help from my favorite hair and makeup professional Lea – LB Gorgeous.


Kary and Chuck – Sunnyside Lake House – Quist Estate Wedding

It’s probably pretty obvious that I love working with adventurous and mischievous couples – so it shouldn’t be an surprise that when Karey and Chuck contacted me about their Lake Tahoe wedding at the Quist Estate (Sunnyside Lake House) – I was pretty quickly sold by their personalities. If there were a couple this year that I’d choose to party with, these would be the winners! (don’t get me wrong, any excuse to hang out with any of my amazing couples is a win – but I’m pretty sure Chuck would be down with my level of trouble making – and Karey would probably laugh at us for support all the way through.)

As a couple, Chuck and Karey love planning their adventures in only the best way possible – by surprise. They have a system for creating a list of adventures/trips/locations and putting them all into a hat (not getting metaphoric here… they actually do this, and I’m taking notes – you should too) Karey and Chuck will then draw at random from the hat – and voila – they are in business – This is how they planned their honeymoon (it got complicated from what I understand – and at last check, I believe they may still be enjoying Lake Tahoe – but none-the-less, I can’t wait to find out where the hat landed them for their first married adventure.) (UPDATE – they announced the hat draw is taking them on a wedding honeymoon to the Azores!!!)

Adventure and Mischief

I’m a sucker for an adventure – I pretty much don’t have the ability to say no. The buddies tell me last minute we’re driving to Nevada in the middle of the night – I’m in. A couple is game to climb on walls with a huge cliff they “could” fall off – sounds fun!

Mischief – does it involve the possiblity of getting into trouble? If I haven’t already done it, I’m pretty game to try. I have a rule that I’ll try almost anything three times – and so far I haven’t been arrested – so it seems to be working out.

I’ve been reminded lately that I need to push my couples in these same ways – this creates images that go above and beyond and this week as I prep to update my website, I’ve been drawn back to some of my favorite images that represent these things with my couples.

I can’t wait to create more!!


Expert Tips for Bridal Accessories

Every woman wants to have the best gown and the most beautiful accessories for her wedding day. Having a thought-out approach towards shopping for the individual pieces is very important for getting the best accessories to match your overall look.


Dress – The Most Important Choice
The wedding gown is indeed the most important accessory for the day and hence should be chosen first, according to the taste and preference, so that all the other accessories can be chosen accordingly. Many people get carried away by the beautiful accessories like a tiara or a splendid necklace only to find later on that it does not go with their wedding dress – by choosing the dress first you can build everything else to fit.

St. Regis Punta Mita Wedding 21

Accessories for your head
Tiaras have been the tradition of past, popularized even more by Royal Weddings. However, beautiful feathers, fresh flowers, flower crowns and even simple to ornate headbands are in vogue and can be easily matched to your dress.

Stephanie's Tahoe style hair

Colorful Dress Accents
Accessories such as sashes are a simple way to add a light pop of color or sparkle without overdoing things. Offsetting a sash with your shoes can show a bit more of your personal style and is an accessory that is always fun to splurge on.

Solage wedding dress for Kara

Wedding Rings
Lastly, the wedding band should be carefully chosen and the design should elegantly align with your own personal style, whether featuring a family heirloom diamond, or set to match a bracelet or ear rings. Angelic Diamonds is an online retailer working to help ease the diamond ring shopping process.