Santa Barbara Wine Cask Wedding – Scott and Lisa

Scott and Lisa are Santa Barbara locals with a playful demeanor and the ability to have a good time, throw a good party, and ensure that their guests were fed nothing but the best food – so they chose the Santa Barbara Wine Cask for their wedding reception!

Nothing quite screams Santa Barbara as old mission architecture – so Scott and Lisa had their wedding at El Presidio Santa Barbara.

Santa Barbara Wine Cask 05

Santa Barbara Wine Cask 08

Santa Barbara Wine Cask 11

Lisa’s bridesmaids were all smiles and really excited to watch Scott and Lisa see each other for the first time at El Presidio.

Santa Barbara Wine Cask 10 Santa Barbara Wine Cask 09

Normally I’m really looking to capture the adventurous and playful sides of people at weddings – but you have to love the pure emotion from a child.

Santa Barbara Wine Cask 07

Santa Barbara Wine Cask 06

Scott and Lisa walked with their guests a block from El Presidio to Wine Cask for their wedding reception in downtown Santa Barbara.


Santa Barbara Wine Cask 04

Santa Barbara Wine Cask 03

Santa Barbara Wine Cask 02

Santa Barbara Wine Cask 01

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