Harper’s Bazaar India Feature

In case you’re not up on your fashion magazines, Harper’s Bazaar’s claim to fame – it was America’s first fashion magazine – and they happen to be in India as well! When the publishers contacted me about possibly including an image for this issue, I pitched them Lisa and Shantanu’s complete wedding from BR Cohn Winery in Kenwood, CA (just outside of Sonoma).

I was blown away when I received my copy of the magazine and saw that they had given us a full 4 page feature!!




Can’t wait to share the rest of this wedding on the blog soon!!

Thanks to an awesome team that made it all happen:

Catering: Amber India
DJ, Dhol: Music Mantra
Bridal Henna: Ravie Kattaura

Josh and Tia – Stryker Sonoma

Josh and Tia’s Styker Sonoma wedding was done right – Tia wanted white on white on white all in the midst of a vineyard (we’re talking on the dirt, in between rows of grapes ripe for harvest)


Every detail from the dress, to the shoes, to the reception amongst the vines was over the top perfect!!


How can you argue with a perfect pair of Jimmy Choo shoes! (if I were a girl – or if I wore girls clothes…. I’d definitely have a pair of Jimmy in the closet)





Tia and Josh were total class acts and it was a ton of fun spending the day with them and seeing how happy they were around each other and with their guests!







Literally in the middle of a vineyard, eating dinner!



Expert Tips for Bridal Accessories

Every woman wants to have the best gown and the most beautiful accessories for her wedding day. Having a thought-out approach towards shopping for the individual pieces is very important for getting the best accessories to match your overall look.


Dress – The Most Important Choice
The wedding gown is indeed the most important accessory for the day and hence should be chosen first, according to the taste and preference, so that all the other accessories can be chosen accordingly. Many people get carried away by the beautiful accessories like a tiara or a splendid necklace only to find later on that it does not go with their wedding dress – by choosing the dress first you can build everything else to fit.

St. Regis Punta Mita Wedding 21

Accessories for your head
Tiaras have been the tradition of past, popularized even more by Royal Weddings. However, beautiful feathers, fresh flowers, flower crowns and even simple to ornate headbands are in vogue and can be easily matched to your dress.

Stephanie's Tahoe style hair

Colorful Dress Accents
Accessories such as sashes are a simple way to add a light pop of color or sparkle without overdoing things. Offsetting a sash with your shoes can show a bit more of your personal style and is an accessory that is always fun to splurge on.

Solage wedding dress for Kara

Wedding Rings
Lastly, the wedding band should be carefully chosen and the design should elegantly align with your own personal style, whether featuring a family heirloom diamond, or set to match a bracelet or ear rings. Angelic Diamonds is an online retailer working to help ease the diamond ring shopping process.



Kayla and Nick’s West Shore Cafe Lake Tahoe Wedding

The first time I talked to Kayla and Nick on the phone I knew they were my people. With stories of bird hunting, boat building and all around good fun – there wasn’t a question we’d get along.

When it came time on their wedding night to do portraits, I knew they would be down for the cause to hike up the beach a ways to a private dock (ask for permission later…?) and it ended up being a GREAT call:

Lake tahoe wedding 01

lake tahoe wedding rings

I will never question myself about sneaking somewhere I’m not supposed to be – sooo worth it!west shore cafe wedding 06

West shore cafe wedding

Kayla got ready for her West Shore Cafe wedding on property which allowed for a relaxing morning creating images of Kayla and her closest friends laughing and goofing off as the boy got ready next door.

Kayla lake tahoe wedding 16

West Shore cafe wedding 02

Lake tahoe wedding 14

Nick spent his getting ready time sipping whiskey with the boys – but when it came time to clean up, he did so in style and with ease.west shore cafe lake tahoe wedding

lake tahoe wedding 12

Lake tahoe wedding 11

Lake tahoe wedding 10

Tahoe is all about adventures and one of those is boating. While they didn’t go for a ski session after their ceremony, Nick and Kayla did take a wood boat ride after their West Shore Cafe wedding.Lake tahoe wedding 09

Did I mention Nick’s buddy’s brought some whiskey? (yes, I tried it, it was good!)Lake tahoe wedding 08

About that dock and not asking permission? Yeah.West shore cafe wedding 07

Lake Tahoe wedding 05

Sometimes asking a couple to dangle their feet off a dock 20+ feet above the water is just what you need for an epic series of photos.Lake Tahoe wedding 04

Lake Tahoe wedding 03

Lake tahoe wedding 02

Thanks so all the awesome wedding professionals who came together to make this a perfect wedding:

West Shore Cafe

Bonnie with Summit Soiree

Martha Bernyk Floral Design

Traveling Photo Booth

Black Market Jazz Orchestra