Santa Ynez Ranch Portraits – Coghlan Family

I LOVED taking pictures for the Coghlan Family. They live on a ranch out in Santa Ynez surrounded by livestock of all sorts, from alpaca to bison or maybe they were buffalo, I can never remember the difference. There were even some Watusi, which I might be wrong on the name, but they are basically  Africa’s equivalent of a Texas long horn, only with longer horns!

These vineyards on their ranch with Santa Ynez’s rolling hills in the background was just breathtaking at sunset. What a beautiful family to compliment the scenery as well.

santa ynez portrait of family in vineyard

santa ynez portraits of family walking through vines

santa ynez family portrait in front of grape vines

santa ynez family portrait with boy in front looking in pocket

santa ynez family portrait with boy standing in front of parents

santa ynez portrait of boy smilling in front of lake

Santa Ynez Portraits of Family on bench

Santa Ynez Portrait of boy smilling with parents in background

santa ynez lifestyle portrait of boy playing in room

santa ynez baby portrait of baby on changing table

santa ynez portrait of mom holding baby's feet


Definitely check out their slideshow for the rest of their Santa Ynez Portraits and feel free to get in touch if there’s anything I can do for you.

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  • s h e r r y

    04 Jun 2011 01:06 am

    Oh awesome! I love vineyards! :) Such a cute family.


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