Santa Ynez Wedding – Jeff and Eunju

Jeff and Eunju surprised me when they hopped a really tall fence, ventured into a farmer’s field, all to play together for some great pictures.

Santa Ynez Wedding adventure

adventurous field wedding photos

Eunju was all smiles as she led Jeff farther and farther away from the safety of their family’s private estate and farther into the rancher’s fields.

Santa Ynez wedding smiling

I always gauge a bride’s level of adventure by the shoes she picks for her wedding – Eunju’s shoes have yet to be topped in the adventurous category.

Insanely epic wedding shoes sparkle

The finishing touches on a wedding dress scream “take a picture of me” and I always indulge the voices.

Santa Ynez wedding dress

Father-daughter moments are always precious, and it warmed my heart to see such a smile on Eunju’s father’s face as he gave her away.

Santa Ynez wedding father of the bride

If given the chance, I’ll make my own miniature adventures during the ceremony to find a different angle – this worked out perfect to find the angle for Eunju’s smile.

Santa Ynez wedding ceremony

Sometimes the adventure is in getting to the right spot, and sometimes it’s in just letting a couple interact without any input.

Santa Ynez wedding portraits

Can we agree a field is one of God’s greatest backdrops? For me the adventure is in discovering a new/un-expected location with a couple for the first time.

Santa Ynez ranch wedding portraits