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  1. Hi....

    Nice site! Like your idea of one pix a day.
    If you like rockclimbing you should see Corey Richs fantastic photos: www.coreyrich.com You may allready know him....
    There is a cool video of him talking about his work on www.sportsshooter.com ...look under 'special features' and 'down and dirty, dokumenting adventure'.

    Claus Kunckel

  2. This is a great site! I have relatives in SB and I love looking at pics of the place. I have a passion for photography as well. Last time I was there I spent about 3 hours in Samy’s Camera shop. I’m in Oregon and we don’t have those here so it was like a kid going to a candy shop! Anwyay, I really like this page and I’m looking forward to seeing what else you post. -Lauren

  3. Dude. Your site is awesome. You should seriously consider moving to your own domain. Advertising would pay the costs, and you could do a lot more

  4. Just great! What if I could do these kinds of images?! For the first time, there are several great blogs like this on the front page. Whoever does that, is starting to shape up.


  5. I love in camera movement!! No photoshop motion blur for me!! (that wasn’t photoshoped was it??)

    There are NO blu skies in chattanooga 🙁


  6. Haha… nope Amber, no PS effects for me… though I kinda was thinking about it the other day, and I actually might make one day of my posts all about photoshop effects (specifically all the LAME ones)

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