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  1. hi…

    really good pics…i’ve seen all the pics u’ve up till now. i wanna request snaps of eyes, if u cud take some…only the eyes, with lashes, brows taken from different angles…no other part of the face. i’m very passionate abt snaps of eyes and hv collected a few of my own…!

  2. well.
    Looks like someone’s getting famous.
    I’m so completely jealousified(if there is such a word.)
    you don’t need the ego boost but, awww heck, I STILL LOVE YOUR SHOTS!!! but try a little black and white why don’t ya? and, dude, whatever happened to “a photo-a-day”? heck, who cares right? keep on goin strong, dude. What with my evams, I NEED some inspiration.

  3. I’m using this blog program for an economics course I’m taking and in the process stumbled across your blog. I love your pictures, especially the wedding ones. How much do you charge for wedding pictures? I’m not getting married any time soon, I not even engaged, but I was just curious.
    Thanks ~ Rachel

  4. I have a great foot!!!! – And hand too! You’re a post production freak – but it’s ok Tim – I still love ya – if that counts for anything of course! They look good! Kar and I both like them – I need more sleep now though!

  5. i don’t what this anonymous person’s problem is…these pictures are amazing, and if they really think your that bad then they should look somewhere else or at least have the courage to give their name and let you know who has beef with you.

  6. Some of your images are beautiful. My favorite is the one of the hand. It captures the way I feel right now, at this very moment. Art is subjective, and I know that that image probably means something completely different to you than it does to me, but we all view life differently. To me it captures the complexity of life, how sometimes, it’s just too much.

  7. Due to some recent postings that were a bit out of line, I’ve decided to only allow registered users to post comments. If you want to say it, stand behind it.

    Thanks a ton for all of your comments, I love hearing what you have to say and checking out what you guys are up to on your blogs.


  8. you do fantastic work. i went to the wedding photography link and oooo watching the nick and andrea photos and listening to the accompanying music gave me thrilling chills all over.

    you are definitely gifted at what you do! 🙂

  9. (Referring to the comment left on my page)

    No worries Tim!

    I also harbour no ill feelings. And I wasn’t meaning to belittle your work with my first comment on your blog. I’ll be the first to admit that I post a fair amount of crap on an almost daily basis.

    I just get annoyed when I read comments on other people’s blogs because so many people write absolute drivel.

    Photographically speaking there is an undoubted quality in your work, but what I meant to say was that for me, a lot of your photos didn’t say very much. Indeed, my photos might do the same for you – say nothing. We probably have different philosophies towards photography and as I have mentioned before, that is perfectly fine. We cannot all enjoy the same things. For example I hate hip-hop, but that is not to say it’s garbage. There are many talented musicians in the hip-hop industry.

    One example of photography I’d like to provide is Lara Barrett – I don’t know if you have seen her page. She produces quality images although I can’t help but think it’s a bit dull because her photos have no story. Having said that, a lot of people really enjoy her work. Each to his or her own!(www.larabarrettphotography.blogspot.com)

    Photography is a personal thing and I enjoy looking at other people’s photos, even if I don’t like their work, which is why I often visit her page. And I’d recommend her page to any photographer.

    Having said all the above, I really appreciated your post yesterday, especially the photo of the guy with the glasses. But in the end it doesn’t matter whether I like your work or not. I’ll still come back and see your blog because I like your site.

    And it seems you are a true gentleman. So hats off to you and good luck with your photography! I’ll be leaving comments from time to time I’m sure…

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