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  1. I came across your blog today via that “blogs of note” listing. I just wanted to say, great stuff here!

    The second photo in this series is amazing. It can be so hard to capture those fleating expressions!

    Again, great stuff. Keep it up! 🙂

  2. I would be honored to have ANYONE post up a link to my blog. Seriously, you guys are way too nice.

    Oh, and nope, no email from you Amy. 🙁 … I was sad that nothing came to me. Maybe another day. 😉

  3. Man, starting this blog was an awesome idea. You should get your own domain, and then put up a couple of ads (Google adsense or something)

    with the amount of hits you are getting, you could start making alot of money

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  5. I found a link to your blog at blogger.com…and I am very happy that I have found it. Great Pics!
    I will visit your blog more often!

    Nice Greetings

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