5 Lake Tahoe Wedding Adventure Ideas

As I seek to connect with couples who are more adventure minded, I was contacted by my friends at Tahoesbest.com about a guest post that covered this exact topic. I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to share with my couples ideas that might play out to the adventurous side.

Lake Tahoe Wedding

Guest Post by Lizz – TahoesBest.com

Why be restricted by a ceremony that doesn’t reflect your personality when you can let loose and have a true celebration by incorporating an adventure into your wedding? Lake Tahoe has something for every adventurer, whether they spend their time in the mountains or on the water, so of course there are plenty of opportunities to incorporate those adventures into the wedding of your dreams.

1) Instead of the traditional walk down the aisle and the usual white wedding gown, don a white bathing suit and a pair of water ski’s for a water ski sprint on the lake towards your ceremony. Everyone will be impressed with your creativity and ability to stand up on two skis while going high speeds on Lake Tahoe.

2) Another exciting way to have water play an active role in your wedding besides serve as a picturesque backdrop is to have a jet ski arrival or send-off. Why exit the wedding of your dreams in limo or car when instead you can shoot off to your new life together on a jet ski?

3) Do you adore mountain biking and are not afraid of getting a little dirty on your wedding day? If so, why not plan a mountain bike themed wedding? Bicycles have become a chic aspect of weddings in recent years, so finding great ideas on how to incorporate cycling into a wedding is easy. One sweet and romantic idea could be renting a tandem mountain bike for the bride and groom to arrive or leave together.

Mountain bike Lake Tahoe

4) It is hard to fathom anything more romantic than saying “I Do” while gazing out at the sweeping vistas provided by a climb to the top of a mountain. A wonderful idea for a smaller, more intimate or even private weddings would be a hike to the top of one of the majestic Sierra Nevada mountain peaks. In the spring and summer, envision lovely wildflowers scattered along your trail and views at the top that will be well-worth the climb.

5) One of the best ideas for a wedding that is creative and different but not quite so out there for those worried that their less adventurous guests won’t get it is to get married on a boat. Take your walk down the aisle on a spacious yacht for the epitome of contemporary elegance or a charming smaller vessel for a shabby chic theme, and of course taking into account the size of your wedding and the feel you are striving for. Fine dining and entertainment are a natural fit for yachts and larger cruise ships, so including these aspects for the boat reception will be easy.

Lake adventure at a Tahoe wedding

Weddings should be a reflection of who you are as a couple, and if you love the outdoors and all of the adventurous activities that go along with that, don’t be afraid to include one as part of your wedding ceremony or reception. An interesting twist like adding an adventurous aspect to your wedding can set you apart from all the other brides and grooms getting married in the same season, and Lake Tahoe hosts endless adventures to make your dreams possible.

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