5 wedding photographers, Death Valley, nature photography and me

Yeah, 5 wedding photographers, only one who professed to have any talent at capturing nature, and that one was not me.

I consider myself to be a pretty bad nature photographer. My strength is definitely people and wedding photography.

But, just to prove that I was in Death Valley last week taking pictures with my buddies Colin Michael, Jason Groupp, TJ Cameron and John Griffin, here are some photos from the trip:

Death Valley Wedding Photography Worst Nightmare

this wedding photographer from Santa Barbara gets fine-art on a road

TJ is a wedding photographer stud with a camera


I could NEVER been a cop. I just couldn’t ticket people for speeding. How can you pull over one person, when the person in front of them was going the same speed. And then, how as a cop would you like to spend your day sitting with two other cops on the side of the road in one spot waving people down…. what a boring day for them. (and good thing for me I’m a PRO at fighting tickets)

I drive to fast. I got a ticket. But, it was a speed trap.

12 thoughts on “5 wedding photographers, Death Valley, nature photography and me”

  1. Looks like the 138, about 4-5 miles east of the 5. I’d say you were doing 82mph.

    3 of em? Looks like they needed to make up some revenue for all that snow plowing and escorting they had to do with the 5 getting all that snow this year…

  2. where did you stay and where did you get the ticket? Go dirt road the next time the only thing that happens there when you go to fast is a wreck, hahahaha…

  3. Haha, you SO deserved that ticket!!! LOL, you’re such a So. Cal driver!
    Great hanging with you, we’ve got to do it again but next time with better light!

  4. that first shot is super creepy. I kept doing double takes!!
    It was so fun hanging out last night. I have some really fun pic’s. I am now curious to see how that medium format film you shot is going to turn out!! haha!


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