A night on State street, long lost friends,…

A night on State street, long lost friends, and random “art”

32 thoughts on “A night on State street, long lost friends,…”

  1. hi ‘m was cheking some blogs .. and i really your blog the photos are the best ones! fiorella check out my blog and cive me your opinion…

  2. congratulation, you have a nery nice blogs, really I have better it!je je seezkikekive.blogspot.com.
    I like too much the photo, but sports photos, really you have ones? good lucky with your next pictures.

  3. For those who are wondering about cameras, and don’t want to break the bank, but want to learn, I would definitely highly support the purchase of a Canon Rebel digital kit with the lens. Learning with an SLR is the only way to go, and learning via digital will truly speed up the learning curve.

  4. hello, got to your blog through blogger and i ve gone through your previous stuff. couldnt help but admire your work. its been a previlage watching your pics.

  5. Just wanted to say, without being redundant with everyone else, that you have a unique eye. Very awesome how you see things to catch in just the right way. Nice to always see a new perspective. Thank you for sharing with us.

  6. I love the top picure on this day. A beautiful silloette of a pair of high heels on a steel table… beautiful.

    I also enjoyed the wide lens effect on the under car shot… pretty cool…


    Please don’t tell me, now that I think about as I’m writing it… that it is not a pair of heels…

  7. Love the stilettos. Fabulous photo. It brings a lot to mind. Pictures can be worth a thousand words, thoughts, fantasies…


  8. hi,
    I’m an amateur photographer with a Canon A-1 that I love and a Pentax istDS which I love but not as much as the canon. I was wondering if you could email me back and let me know a little about the photo titled Brent from your wed sept 14 post? two guys standing together, B&W. How’d you expose, develop and print the picture? Thanks in advance. Robin

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