A Saturday Sailing Trip!

Saturday our awesome friends David and Danielle took us for a sail on their sail boat in Santa Barbara!

It was such a beautiful day! (I think they were giving me a test run to see if I got sea sick. They we’re trying to convince me and Cheryl that we should go with them on their next sail to the Channel Islands! And trust me, we’ll definitely sign up for that trip!!!)

I was able to capture sooo many beautiful pictures on our trip! I can’t wait to do it again!!!

Here’s just a few of my favorites! I think I’ll be posting up a slideshow just like I do with my wedding photography because there are too many pictures to share here.

Oh, and for anyone who was wondering about these pictures, they were all taken with my Canon 10d which I had converted to infrared by my buddy Brody Dezember. As a wedding photographer I love using this camera when I shoot weddings because it gives such a surreal effect!!

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