A bit too much about me

The perfect day starts with the sound of a coffee grinder.

Whole Foods grocery shopping is really just an excuse to buy craft beer/cider or a bold cab franc.

The more time you spend mountain biking/hiking during the week, the quicker you get your work done.

It’s okay when trucks only get 7.5 mpg – if they can drive up a wall.

I have a distrust of people who don’t laugh.

I believe in being called metro – so long as I get pampered as a result.

I believe in pedicures – who doesn’t love a good foot massage?

Convincing the Federal Police in Mexico to fire a rifle for you at a remote checkpoint is easier than you might think.

Backpacking trips under 7 days aren’t really an adventure, they’re just a vacation.

It’s ok to dive head first into EVERY hobby – mountain/road biking, golf, guns, backpacking, cigars, jeeps…

I believe there is no such thing as a bad surprise… that’s why it’s called an adventure.

My perfect couples are obsessed with being outdoors, seeking adventure, flirting with a sunburn, and who aren’t afraid to get a little rowdy and live to be their authentic selves. If you’re obsessed with traveling the world, mountain biking, backpacking, shooting, golfing, hammocking, exploring, getting lost on purpose, I believe we might be a GREAT fit for each other.

If you are a photographer or photography group looking to have me speak at your event, you can learn more about my past educational opportunities where I have taught at by clicking here.