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I believe:
The Perfect Day starts with the sound of a coffee grinder.
Whole Foods grocery shopping is really just an excuse to buy craft beer or cab franc.
The more time you spend mountain biking/hiking during the week, the quicker you get your work done.
It's okay when trucks only get 10 mpg - if they can drive up a wall.

I believe in avoiding people who don't laugh when everyone else does.
I believe in pedicures - who doesn't love a good foot massage?
I believe in being called metro - so long as I get pampered as a result.
I believe in living life at 100% all the time - you can always sleep later.
I believe getting kicked out of a taxi cab part way to your destination is a win, not an insult.

Backpacking trips under 7 days aren't really an adventure, they're just a vacation.
It's ok to dive head first into EVERY hobby - mountain biking, golf, guns, backpacking, cigars...
Every trip must be last-minute - even when its been scheduled months in advance.
There's no harm in having so much fun at dinner that the restaurant demands you buy your chair (thanks Craft Steak)
I believe there is no such thing as a bad surprise...that's why it's called an adventure.

Being active is what keeps a smile on my face – and doing that with others keeps me energized. The outdoors, traveling, discovering a new place, railing a new trail on my mountain bike, or hanging out with friends and getting into trouble keep me excited about life and inspired in my work. If you can identify with any of the above, I’d love to connect and learn about you and your personalities and see if we can find a way to cause some mischief together!

I started my photography career working for my hometown newspaper (Tehachapi News) as a writer and photographer. I've hosted workshops on photography, spoken at wedding photography's biggest convention teaching other photographers about my craft and I taught as an adjunct professor at the college I graduated from (Brooks Institute of Photography).

Voted one of the Top 100 Wedding Photographers in the World for 2020, my work has won awards, been featured nationally and internationally on TV, in magazines, newspapers and online, and I've been commissioned to photograph quite a few celebrities (I only went full fanboy on Thomas Keller).

When not "working", I spend time exploring with my wife Cheryl and daughter Abigail. We have a blast getting outside and trying to get lost in the mountains, along the coast, or in the vineyards of Napa.

Featured by: Jay Leno/The Tonight Show, Vogue Italy, Harper's Bazaar India, Forbes India, Town and Country, The Hollywood Reporter, The Knot, Our Wedding Sacramento, People, The Wall Street Journal, US News, Grace Ormonde Wedding Style, Style Me Pretty, June Bug, Wedding Chicks, Maharani Weddings, Borrowed and Blue, On The Go Bride, Grey Likes Weddings, Style Unveiled, Once Wed, Tahoe Unveiled, Life Hack, Huffington Post, MSN.

Humble brags: We’ve photographed celebrities including Jack Black, Charles Barkley, Greg Olsen, Reggie Miller, Thomas Keller, Kenny Loggins, Ray Bradbury, Ray Charles, Kenny and Gwendolyn Smith, Billy Baldwin, Andrew Firestone, Giada De Laurentiis, Wolfgang Puck, Motley Crue, Jethro Tull, The Scorpions, and a number of others I’m not allowed to mention (NDA’s are fun huh???)

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