Accidental shot from ebay shoot

Accidental shot from ebay shoot

10 thoughts on “Accidental shot from ebay shoot”

  1. hahaha..Tricia’s funny. Nice blog…I’m definitely going to bookmark you. Many interesting imagery.

  2. you can do that on accident? dude, i can’t even do that on purpose. i like it! maybe a different kind of detergent for my jeans might do the trick. if they’re not jeans though, i’d be screwed 😉

  3. carolyne must be making reference to her own profile photo! hehe. Everyone’s entitled to their own interpretation, but Carolyne, please qualify your comments with something reasonable.

    Love the pics – no qualification uttered – just like ’em.

  4. Dude, I created a link to your blog on mine because this is one of the most intelligent blogs I ever seen. Good job! (sorry, my blog is in portuguese, but theres photos and images there)

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