Adventure and Mischief

I’m a sucker for an adventure – I pretty much don’t have the ability to say no. The buddies tell me last minute we’re driving to Nevada in the middle of the night – I’m in. A couple is game to climb on walls with a huge cliff they “could” fall off – sounds fun!

Mischief – does it involve the possiblity of getting into trouble? If I haven’t already done it, I’m pretty game to try. I have a rule that I’ll try almost anything three times – and so far I haven’t been arrested – so it seems to be working out.

I’ve been reminded lately that I need to push my couples in these same ways – this creates images that go above and beyond and this week as I prep to update my website, I’ve been drawn back to some of my favorite images that represent these things with my couples.

I can’t wait to create more!!


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