Adventure Thursday – Nevada

I’ve been inspired over the years by a number of my fellow photographers and friends who pick one day each week to post on a specific topic – so today I bring to you the first installment of Adventure Thursday #adventurethursday for those who like hashtags.

Moving to Northern California was a big decision, we’d spent nearly 10 years in Santa Barbara – but with time and the help of a business mentor/coach I realized that without “true” adventure in my life, I was denying a part of myself that was causing me to get really burnt out. So, with little hesitation my wife Cheryl and I decided that a move north was needed. I quickly met a group of guys at church who shared the need for adventure and mentioned a guys trip over the mountains to the Nevada desert – guns, dirt bikes, hiking, camping – I couldn’t sign up quick enough.

Over the last two years I’ve made it out on several of these guys trips and they fill my need for adventure on another level – a road trip with all the excitement I could ever need.


All of these images were created with my iPhone – I can’t wait for the next adventure to bring my Sony A7s and A7II to push the envelope on my adventure photos – I tend to get so caught up in the adventure that I don’t want to bring a “real” camera – thankfully this new generation of mirrorless cameras are more compact and pack as much of a punch as any of the DSLRs.


Don’t be fooled… I may hate to sleep, but I  barely ever wake up in time for sunrise – this is sunset over the playa. (ok, the playa is kinda out of view, but it’s out there I promise)


While she only gets 7.5mpg around town, I’m pretty sure she does better than that on the highway, and worse than that when in 4wheel drive!



Now I just need to find someone who’s game to head out in the cold for an adventure next week!!

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