Amazing Wedding!!!

More details to come tomorrow after I’ve got a chance to sleep a little, but here’s a picture in the meantime:
Santa Barbara Wedding Photographers Portrait Photography

2 thoughts on “Amazing Wedding!!!”

  1. Jackie Blackwell

    Hi Tim! I’m an event planner in SB and I subscribe to a few searches on Google; one of which is “santa barbara wedding”. It picks up your website anytime you blog. Recently I’ve been checking it out and find my self interested in following your photogrpahy life. So when I saw yesterdays entry about the rehearsal dinner and the big smiles, I was quick to click today to see a photo from the wedding. And I love it! Great shot! Just wanted to say hi and let you know I’m out there reading your stuff. Would love to meet you sometime. Let’s find a time for our circles to collide.
    Ciao, Jackie

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