Anguilla Post Wedding Adventures

One of the best things about destination weddings such as Laura and Spencer’s in Anguilla is taking some extra time both on our own as well as sometimes with our AWESOME couples to explore a new place and just relax.

Our first night in Anguilla we headed to a local tapas style restaurant on the beach – open air deck sitting over the sand, we wathced Anguilla’s national sport of sailing finishing a race before our eyes as the sun dropped below the horizon, the humid and warm carribbean air reminding us that we are outdoors and loving life, relaxing and enjoying a cocktail as our plates start to be set in front of us.

Anguilla offers not only an amazing setting for weddings, but mind blowing skies, food, drinks and Crayfish!!! If you haven’t had Crayfish, you owe it to yourself to hop a plane to Anguilla ASAP – it’s basically lobster but way more creamy and less crunchy, let’s call it sushi meets lobster.

Anguilla sailboat sunset


Anguilla sunset

We visited the ViceRoy in Anguilla both before and after Spencer and Laura’s wedding to enjoy some great cocktails, relax and read a book, and smoke a cigar or two and sample some local sushi. The great thing about Anguilla is everything is within a 15 minute drive.

Cocktails and seafood at Vice Roy

Vice Roy cigar time

If you’ve traveled much, it’s likely you’re familiar with the ViceRoy brand – their properties are consistently modern, beautiful and friendly. Anguilla’s Viceroy proved to offer the same that we’ve come to expect in our travels and we hope we can make it back for a ViceRoy Anguilla Wedding in the future!

Waterfall decor at the Anguilla Vice RoyVice Roy cocktail time

One “must-do” trip when visiting Anguilla for your wedding or honeymoon is a visit to Sandy Island. A short boat ride off the Anguilla coast, this island offers a fun experience with some great eats and drinks. I’d suggest planning to spend about two hours on Sandy Island and then heading to one of the many other great beach locations around Anguilla.

A dock along Anguilla coast

Dock over the sea of Anguilla

Boat at loading dock in Anguilla

Spencer and Laura really know how to have a good time and look beautiful while doing it, so we didn’t even hesitate to plan our trip to Sandy Island at the same time.

Spencer and Laura on hammock in Anguilla

Boat along the shore of Anguilla

Waves crashing over feet in Anguilla

I’m not even joking about the Crayfish. Anguilla knows how to do them right and I had a good amount of crayfish both before and after the wedding! (Yes, and I even had crayfish the night of the wedding!!)

Cray fish in Anguilla

Mural along Anguilla coast

Any excuse to spend some time outdoors is a good excuse, so visiting Anguilla, photographing a beautiful wedding and just relaxing and enjoying it was right up our alley and something we can’t wait to do again.

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