April and Don’s Livermore Engagement Pictures

I’ve been a bit slowed down recently in processing pictures, but I’m playing catch up this week and am stoked to share some recent shoots!!

We met up with April and Don to shoot their engagement pictures a few weekends back. It just so happened that we were sort of in their neck of the woods, Livermore because we had just finished photographing a wedding in Mill Valley the day before.

April planned a hike to the top of a hilltop near their home in Livermore, and we set out huffing and puffing to the top, and what a BEAUTIFUL view we ended up with!! Sooo worth it!!!

Check out April and Don’s slideshow by clicking here!

We’re looking forward to making another trip up to Livermore in August to photograph their wedding at the Garre Winery and Vineyard!

3 thoughts on “April and Don’s Livermore Engagement Pictures”

  1. Hi! I love this little hill with the view. Can I ask where exactly this hill is? How do I get there from the Livermore Winery? Thanks!! BTW, love your photos!! 🙂

  2. Hey Jenny!

    Let’s see… this hill… wow, I could get there, but I have no clue… I think it’s South East of Livermore… it’s up above some HUGE resevoir back there…)

    Ok… just looked at google maps… it’s off Arroyo Road. Just look up livermore ca in google, then click on the map… zoom out a little bit, then start looking for the big lake south east of livermore…

    There was a random free parking area on the left side of the road, then a dirt road going way back up onto the hill overlooking the lake

  3. Thank you!! Just checked out the maps and will be going up there soon!! Thanks for sharing your photos! You’re very talented! 🙂

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