BR Cohn Winery Wedding of Jessica and Chris

What not to love about B.R. Cohn Winery in Sonoma? I can’t think of anything! The property is vast with stately olive trees that cast the most amazing shadows that look like lace! This is where Jessica and Christopher chose to say their wedding vows. Friends and family gathered under a 160 year old olive tree with the vineyard as their backdrop. Talk about majestic! My couple were so sweet and easy to work with, and our groom Christopher and his guys had a great sense of humor. You have to check out the pics of them admiring his wedding ring! The expansive lawn for the reception was set with lawn games so guests could have fun during the cocktail hour. Jessica and Christopher jumped in on the fun. It’s always fun to see a bride playing corn hole in her wedding gown. You know me…I love active and adventurous couples! Once again I got lucky and was able to shoot another cigar bar. I’m such a sucker for a good cigar, so I totally appreciate when my grooms and their mates love them too!

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Wedding Planner: Will Mankin | Catering: Park Avenue Catering | Entertainment: DJ David Tutton | Florist: Maki Aizawa | Beauty: Bella Bridal



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