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I’m getting ready to walk out the door on my second backpacking trip of the season and realizing I didn’t get a chance to share the last one.

In late July I headed out to tackle the PCT California Section K from Donner to Echo. Only bad thing is there are no camp fires this year due to the dry season, but we still managed to enjoy ourselves!

0001_IMG_0244 0002_IMG_0245 0003_IMG_0246 0004_IMG_0247 0005_IMG_0248 0006_IMG_0249 0007_IMG_0250 0008_IMG_0251 0009_IMG_0252 0010_IMG_0253 0011_IMG_0254 0012_IMG_0255 0013_IMG_0256 0014_IMG_0257 0015_IMG_0258 0016_IMG_0259 0017_IMG_0260 0018_IMG_0261 0019_IMG_0263 0020_IMG_0264 0021_IMG_0265 0022_IMG_0266 0023_IMG_0267 0024_IMG_0268 0025_IMG_0269 0026_IMG_0270 0027_IMG_0271 0028_IMG_0272 0029_IMG_0273 0030_IMG_0274 0031_IMG_0281 0032_IMG_0282 0033_IMG_0283 0034_IMG_0284 0035_IMG_0285 0036_IMG_0286 0037_IMG_0287

Not my normal look – but this is what happens when you spend a night with dirt blowing into your face and rubbing the dirt out of your eyes every 5 minutes and then you don’t get your coffee…. miserable, but so awesome.




0038_IMG_0288 0039_IMG_0289

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