Being a wedding photographer means playing with toys!!

One of the neatest things about being a wedding photographer is that you get to make your living playing with really expensive toys!! And, being the guy I am, I LOVE buying new toys. To tell you the truth, I just feel more and more inspired every time I add a new toy to my gear bag. (when I say toy I mean lens, camera, or something along those lines!!)

Well, I’ve been inspired by some awesome photographers recently (Chris plus Lynn and the guys at Image Is Found in particular) in the realm of “alternative” lenses. In this case meaning (for you non-brookies/photogs, heads up we’re gonna get techy) a Canon 24mm 3.5 TS-E (yes, Tilt Shift my friends) lens made for architectural photography. Just like a 4×5 view camera, this lens gives you perspective correction. No, I’m not shooting architecture, I’m using this lens to change my plane of focus so that it runs through my photo away from me, rather than across the normal plane you would expect with a “normal” lens… blah blah blah, needless to say, I’m super super amped about this lens and I can’t wait to share some pictures from our trip that I’ll be taking with this!!!

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Yes, the lens IS crooked and it IS supposed to be like that!!! Sooooo cool! (I remember picking one of these up while in school and playing with it and thinking it was such a retarded lens and that you might as well shoot 4×5 if you were going to do these types of adjustments, boy am I glad someone showed me just how wrong I was!!!)

Oh… and I also picked up an additional toy camera!! I already shoot with a Holga and LOVE the images I’ve been pulling with that. But, I was at Urban Outfitters the other day and noticed they had “Lomo Fish Eye” cameras for sale!!! Can’t wait to try this new camera out as well!!! Will definitely be posting pictures as we go! (except the lomo and holga which are both film… those will have to wait…)

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