Blog Readability…. I’m in elementary I guess

Wow… I was reading my buddy Kevin Sturm’s blog today, and he just posted up something that says his blog has a Readability of around the college level. WOW!!! I wish I could write at that level.

I worked at a newspaper as a writer/photographer and then eventually I became the editor, (don’t be too impressed, it was a weekly paper, the Tehachapi News) but I remember a fact I heard at one point that newspapers in general are written at a 9th grade reading level. Well, even from that point it looks like I’ve reversed myself back to an Elementary level! YIKES!

So, if you’d like more writing, and at a higher level, post up here and I’d be happy to make any changes you’d like, more writing, more pictures, less writing, more frequent posts. What do you guys want?

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