Doug and Christine’s day after wedding session Lake Tahoe

Today we took a lap all the way around Lake Tahoe creating some really awesome day after images on several different formats: 35mm digital, xpan 35mm panoramic, polaroid and 120 holga.

We had a blast just hanging out with Doug and Christine and having Doug show us all the awesome places to shoot around this massive lake. The blue sky sure did add to the beauty of the day as well! (here are a few quick shots I grabbed off the cards before heading to bed)

  • Lydia said:

    Love that ring shot and the reflection!

  • My gosh Tim and Cheryl you guys ROCKED THE HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!! The photos are so gorgeous and we can't wait to see the rest of the photos from our wedding day and the day after session. We had such a good time working with the two of you.

    Thanks a million times over,
    Doug & Christine Miranda

  • whitney said:

    wow, those are some beautiful shots...! love the sunglasses :)

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  • nudrat said:

    These images absolutely beautiful! Tim, you guys did such a great job.
    Doug and Christine, I am sooo happy for you guys. You two look ssoooo happy together...Congrats!

  • Wow these day after pictures are fantastic! I love the colors, the rocks, the snow, the water, everything. Way to go! The image with the lens flare coming through is wonderful as well. Nice work! Hoffmann

  • Yea, I like that ring shot. I'm pretty much going to steal that idea.

  • OH MY .. HOLY MOLY TIM!!!! These shots are phenomenal!

    The 1st shot - gorgeous pano! Love the sky and the couple doesn't get too lost in the scene. Gorgeous! Looks like a t/s shot?

    5th shot - very cool shades ;-) Love the emotion here. Great post work too.

    8th shot - LOVE the lighting and flare here. Great post work again

    11th shot - OMG FRAME IT!! The quality and detail in this shot is extraordinary. The lighting and reflections are awesome. The composition is great. This photo makes me smile and makes me feel an inner pull and I could look at it over and over again and never get bored of it and the story it tells.

    13th shot - Cute idea. Nice silhouettes. Gorgeous work on the sky and water!

    14th shot - looks almost like they're waiting for their fate or detiny. it's very ethereal/


  • Ramiro said:

    These are an awesome series, but my absolute favorites are the 2nd and especially the 2nd to last with the purple, blues, the pinks...those colors are simply stunning. Fabulous work. Congrats Tim!

  • Kelly said:

    WOW! These are absolutely stunning. I love #2 & #12. They should be blown us huge prints.

  • Reed said:

    Holy crap. How have I not seen your stuff before - it rocks! The first one is stellar with the pulled back composition. The sun flare is stellar, and just overall the reactions are great. Just solid stuff - thanks for sharing.

  • Pieman said:

    Congratulations Doug and Christine! April is a great month to married - Sandy and I got married on Easter - easier to remember! Ha!

  • erica said:

    the one of the couple on the rocks is outstanding! How did you even get them out there?

  • DJ said:

    Love these!

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