Santa Barbara Tea Fire Family Portraits – Groff Family

We recently announced on our blog and started spreading the word that we wanted to offer free photography to any families who were effected by the Tea Fire here in Santa Barbara. This is still something we are continuing to offer and hope we can help more families to start to build their photographic memories again with.

Gerry and Marian Groff contacted us shortly about the first post on our blog about this and asked if we could do a portrait session for them. Their home burned down during the Tea Fire and Marian’s memories from attending Westmont college led us to the campus for their photos.

The Groffs had lived in their beautiful home for 46 years… when we asked them what they grabbed on their way out the door, Marian told us she grabbed her sewing machine, she said it was sort of an instinct because of a fire many years back in the area had hit and at the time her sewing machine was brand new and it was the first thing she grabbed then, so she naturally grabbed it this time as well.

We had an absolute blast photographing these two and it was amazing how much joy they still have in their marriage. I often wonder what it will be like when I get older and am married, and these two truly gave Cheryl and I a TON of hope for the future and growing older together. I can only hope we smile around each other half as much as these two do!

Gerry and Miriam Groff are two amazing love birds

Gerry and Miriam Groff are two amazing love birds

Gerry and Miriam Groff are two amazing love birds

Gerry and Miriam Groff are two amazing love birds

Gerry and Miriam Groff are two amazing love birds

If you know of anyone from Santa Barbara who was effected by the Tea Fire please let them know that we would love to bless them with a FREE portrait session. This free session includes free prints, a free album donated by our friends at KISS Wedding Books, and all of the images on disk. We truly would love to bless as many of these families as possible with the ability to start a new photography collection for their family memories.

  • how great to do this! I love these images! hope you guys are doing great!

  • They are SO beautiful!!! I love #2 especially. Aww. These pictures completely capture their love. I want to be this beautiful and full of love 50 years from now! :)

  • Pieman said:

    Great shots Cheryl! and you too Tim. Ha!

  • these are rad! i love the contrast and yet similarities between the older couple and the more young couples on your blog. i see the same looks in this couple's eyes that i see in the young'n's, which is soooooooooo cool! nice work! :)

  • Awwwwe! Just looking at their photos are encouraging to us. Thanks for posting them.

  • Ander said:

    This made me cry.