Holy Grail of natural light photography lenses

Yes, there is ONE lens that I believe if I were to dangle in front of my photography buddies over any other lens, they would fight for this!

I’ve never found one for sale before, but from what I can see, Samy’s Camera actually has “several” of these available!

I won’t be buying one soon because I already have a lens that’s only 2/3 of a stop slower… but, if I had an extra $4,750 sitting around, I might just jump at this. For any of you photo dweebs/friends of mine who are interested, here’s the link to where you can buy your very own 50 1.0 lens!!

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  • Fred said:

    That would be pretty nice! The 1.4 does me just fine and it was definitely more in my budget range than this.

  • Blaine said:

    dude i've heard rumors of that lens... and i knew it had to be spendy.... but 5K for a 50mm!?!? craziness!

  • Hi Tim - I use the 85mm f1.2 on a full frame 5D which is a great lens if a little slow on autofocus and tricky on manual. I guess the 50mm on a smaller chip would give you the same thing allowing for the 1.6 x magnification on a 20D etc... I'm a UK photographer so we have to pay a whole lot more for our lenses than you guys do!