My soon to be newest toy!

I’m what some refer to as a gear whore. I LOVE toys!!!!

He who dies with the most toys wins (now… if this is true, my climbing partner Steve is killing me here)

I used to be pretty serious into mountain biking/racing. Sadly though, I haven’t really ridden at a serious level in several years, and haven’t even owned a true mountain bike for way too long!

So when Cheryl and I took a trip to see her family in Big Bear and we rented some cheap mountain bikes, I was hooked again!!!

This should be arriving Tuesday! I can’t wait to build it!!!

Santa Barbara Wedding Photographer Mountain Biker

I’m actually looking forward to my first crash!

  • Yea!!!!!!! Crashing Yikes!! You better insure your hands. LOL. Can't wait to come down and ride with you. SB has some world class MT biking trails.

  • You'll be schooling everyone in no time!
    I'm looking forward to having someone to ride with in SB again!

  • avg said:

    Girls think scars are hot! Or so I'm told... that's why I crash my bike :)