Jeff and Eunju’s Santa Ynez Valley Wedding

What can I say, Jeff and Eun-Ju’s wedding was simply beautiful, and the light in the Santa Ynez Valley lived up to it’s lore and was golden and perfect!

Thanks to Kelly Clark for making the day beautiful, and to Chris and Ash for the beautiful makeup and hair.

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Santa Ynez Wedding getting ready

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  • Awesome Photos. Beautiful bride. I like the Sunset ones with the tree. Nice work as always.

  • Lydia said:

    Your work is pretty much amazing! When I watch your slideshows, I feel like you've truly captured their whole day and are sharing it with the world!

  • Sara Kauss said:

    I thought the sunlight was going to come through my computer screen and warm my glass of wine. Simply amazing Tim.

  • Kenny said:

    Nice title tag spam, holding up the wedding photographer tradition :) The first 3 and last 3 pictures also kick ass.

  • Ryel j said:

    Wow!! These images are beautiful!! Awesome lighting!!!!!

  • Danielle said:

    Love, love, love how vibrant these images are! Sunset images obviously amazing! Great work!

  • Kelly said:

    Awesome lighting in these. They are so beautiful!

  • amazing photos. the bride and groom portraits after the ceremony are sooo lovely!!

  • ahhhh yeah, gorgeous!!! Great work Tim and Cheryl!! Hope to see you two soon, allyson

  • Carly said:

    Tim these are AMAZING! You guys are phenomenal... I love the last one... absolutely beautiful, like a fairy tale!

  • Amazing sunset shots! These are absolutely gorgeous. The second-to-last = fave!

  • ian said:

    some really amazing images great work -ian

  • I love these photos! You have such creative photographs! Your lighting is superb, love the angles.... love everything!

  • mark said:

    Gorgeous wedding, love the sunset photos!

  • Your work is absolutely lovely.

    Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog.