I got the coolest T-Shirt – Everyone Poops

I love t-shirts and wear them pretty much every day. I’m not a very political person (I’m actually very much opposed to a lot of politics because it has become a profession as far as I ever see it, and I tend to stand off to the side watching everything, realizing I disagree with both sides pretty equally)

My good buddy Kenny knows this about me and is a man who’s always hunting for the next fun shirt to add to his collection, so when he keyed me in on the Everyone Poops t-shirt from Threadless.com I was AMPED! (sadly the shirt wasn’t available in my size.. so I petitioned you my blog readers to help vote for the shirt and get it re-printed. Well, it worked – along with probably me voting myself from 30 different email addresses!!)

Anyone else into expressive t-shirts? Any other sites worth checking out besides threadless?

  • Seriously, as a wedding photographer in Santa Barbara I have to say, this shirt is great, everyone here is super passionately supportive of the Democrats... so this gives me a chance to give my side in...

  • Poeticy said:


    Is another good site for t-shirts. :)

  • Rachel said:

    I hope you get this comment, with it being an older post...but I found your blog through Lucinda and was browsing around tonight :) Loved your images of the older couple affected by the fire. Beautiful! As far as some expressive shirts go...I have a friend that has done some designing. You can check it out and see what you think...www.rosaloves.com