Epic Winter Adventure – Time to Travel and Indulge our Playful Sides

I’ve always had a need for adventure since I was a little kid. Growing up these adventures were much smaller – maybe disappearing into the woods for a few hours while camping with the family, or hiking out at dawn (did I really used to wake up naturally with the sun???) and going fishing before anyone else was up, or hiking in the mountains above my childhood home. Any reason to be outdoors from sunrise to sunset.

 Adventure photographer 1

That fearless calling to take on something new and exciting, to indulge in my wild side still yells loudly at me to this day. In the past, this call has resulted in spending anywhere from 2 to 4 weeks out backpacking on the John Muir Trail, or traveling to Mexico.

John Muir Trail 9

This go-around the result is moving out of our condo here in Santa Barbara (yes, packing all of our belongs, storing them at the studio kinda moving) and hitting the open road for the winter. We’re starting with a wedding near Santa Cruz, CA – then heading toward Sacramento to visit friends, visiting a few golf courses along the way, maybe some camping in there (brr cold, but hey, that’s why it’s called an adventure) – and then it’s off to the races.

John Muir Trail snow

Most of November will be spent traveling up and down the state. December may include a bit of Oregon, and maybe some of Nevada and Arizona to warm back up – and if a snowy adventure presents itself, Idaho could be a bundle of fun.

January – let’s not get ahead of ourselves, a true adventure is not fully planned out, but rather figured out after the previous experience.

In order to set ourselves up for success with this trip, we swapped our little BMW for a sweet Subaru Forester! All-wheel drive just in time for the winter! – and if we wanna get crazy, we’ve always got the beast:

Adventure Rig

We’ll have our computers with us, and will try and respond to emails as quickly as possible, but we also plan to try and have as much fun as a human can have on this trip.

Got suggestions on where we should go? Let me know, I’d love to hear your ideas!

Maybe Denver?

  • Phylicia said:

    This is epic and I am jealous! Love it.
    Oregon and Washington are the best. So many great coffee stops and pretty scenes!
    Enjoy the adventure. Sounds totally epic!

  • blaine said:

    I hear a little town called Hood River Oregon is a pretty sweet stop worth checking out....

  • Have a great time!! I did something like this....I went to Europe for a month of backpacking alone. I loved it. My advice....order dessert! :)

  • Go visit/stay with Tim and Sharon Robnett in Portland, OR for a few days--they have horses, so try horseback riding! Then head out to Idaho and stay with Josh and Lisa!

  • Stay with Tim and Sharon Robnett in Portland, OR. They have horse, so try horseback riding. Then head out to stay with Josh and Lisa in Idaho!

  • Cody said:

    Sounds awsome!

    Lets meet in Lofoten in Feb! Or if you want to improve your sheep counting skills, head on over to Wales.