Falling back in love with a bike…

Yep, here’s my SUPER HOT wife with me on a quick mountain bike ride on our trip to Big Bear earlier this week.

I used to be up there like twice a month riding and racing. Riding with Cheryl got me longing to do it all over again!!

She did pretty darn good for being her first ever real mountain bike ride!!

Santa Barbara Wedding Photographer Portrait Photography

Santa Barbara Wedding Photographer Portrait Photography

  • Jennifer said:

    Helmets, please, kids! :)

    -A caring fan of intact heads

  • roger said:

    Yes Timothy - helmets are a real necessity - remember!

  • hehe... while I totally agree that helmets are a very smart thing, I've heard some very interesting debates in my time.

    I always suggest that anyone riding a bike should wear a helmet...

  • Tara said:

    sheesh! does cheryl have to look THAT hot while riding a bike? honestly!

  • Now you just have to convince your clients to bring their bikes to the shoot: