5 wedding photographers, Death Valley, nature photography and me

Yeah, 5 wedding photographers, only one who professed to have any talent at capturing nature, and that one was not me.

I consider myself to be a pretty bad nature photographer. My strength is definitely people and wedding photography.

But, just to prove that I was in Death Valley last week taking pictures with my buddies Colin Michael, Jason Groupp, TJ Cameron and John Griffin, here are some photos from the trip:

Death Valley Wedding Photography Worst Nightmare

this wedding photographer from Santa Barbara gets fine-art on a road

TJ is a wedding photographer stud with a camera


I could NEVER been a cop. I just couldn’t ticket people for speeding. How can you pull over one person, when the person in front of them was going the same speed. And then, how as a cop would you like to spend your day sitting with two other cops on the side of the road in one spot waving people down…. what a boring day for them. (and good thing for me I’m a PRO at fighting tickets)

I drive to fast. I got a ticket. But, it was a speed trap.

  • Cody said:

    Looks like the 138, about 4-5 miles east of the 5. I'd say you were doing 82mph.

    3 of em? Looks like they needed to make up some revenue for all that snow plowing and escorting they had to do with the 5 getting all that snow this year...

  • Cool shots Tim! Good times. So glad we got to hang together!

  • Yeah - I remember that sort of thing in Maryland on the 695. That's the nice thing about radar detectors!

    So did you get a ticket?

  • Jonas said:

    where did you stay and where did you get the ticket? Go dirt road the next time the only thing that happens there when you go to fast is a wreck, hahahaha...

  • colin michael said:

    Haha, you SO deserved that ticket!!! LOL, you're such a So. Cal driver!
    Great hanging with you, we've got to do it again but next time with better light!

  • Dude Tim you get along well with the camera :)
    You got some sweet shots!
    Congrats on the new place too! :)

  • that first shot is super creepy. I kept doing double takes!!
    It was so fun hanging out last night. I have some really fun pic's. I am now curious to see how that medium format film you shot is going to turn out!! haha!


  • tim, that first image is INSANE COOL! wow.

    those images were taken at Salton Sea. That place is a photographers paradise!

  • KK said:

    Hey you! Just wanted to pop in your blog and say howdy!