A little rain/drizzle and a wedding in Healdsburg, CA – Brian and April

What would have been a “gloomy/wet” day in Southern California played out to be a beautiful and overcast almost wet day here in Northern California. We drove up today to the Madrona Manor in Healdsburg, California for Brian and April’s wedding and it turned out to be a really special and beautiful day!

This was a super special trip, because I got to travel up here and team shoot with the cinematographer from Bon Vivant Cinema who documented my wedding! What a blast!!! He’s an AMAZING cinematographer and I can’t wait to see what he came up with today. There are times as a photographer where I sit there and say to myself “wow, if only I had a video camera to capture this moment with…” Well, today that was all taken care of by my buddy Russ!

I’m really excited with the wedding photographs I was able to produce today and it reminded me about why I love my job soooo much!

April Holland, Healdsburg Madrona Manor Wedding

Brian gets read for his wedding at Madrona Manor, Healdsburg California

Brian and April shared so much love at the Madrona Manor today

HOT! Madrona Manor in Healdsburg brings out the passion in Brian and April

This is by far my favorite picture of the day! The oranges were incredible. I seriously could have photographed these two in this orchard for two hours straight!

Legs, Heals, Orange Trees, Madrona Manor, Brian and April

Kissing… it’s the name of the game at Madrona Manor

April Holland, Healdsburg Madrona Manor Wedding

Check out Brian and April’s slideshow from their wedding today at the Madrona Manor here in Healdsburg by clicking here!

  • I hope you didn't tell them that that's the weather you wish for! lol j/k

    The pics are fabulous! I love the one with the vines behind it, and the over-the-shoulder pic, and the oranges one! Very very cool, Tim! Great job! I wish you weren't 18 y/o when I got married - I would've had some totally rockin' wedding pics!

  • Armin said:

    All the pics rock and a I enjoyed the slideshow! Stunning work... oh I found you through DJ in case you're wondering :) Just giving out some blog love!

  • Gorgeous work, Tim! Lovin' the shutter draggin' in the slideshow.

  • Great set of images, looks like you captured some pretty good emotions. I like the one shot through the arm with just enough space to see the groom getting ready, nice work!

  • amanda said:

    Not only is your work incredible, the bride is absolutely
    beautiful! I've watched this one at least 5 times!
    Great Work!

  • Russell said:

    I had a blast traveling with you to Aprils wedding. They are such a cool couple! Dude, your photos are awesome! You killed it!