A night on State street, long lost friends,…

A night on State street, long lost friends, and random “art”

  • goldo said:

    Small images of the life, a happiness :o) FromBelgiumWithLove. clik&clak

  • Ruben said:

    Interesting photos!

  • BagOfNothing.com said:

    I love this site.

  • Fiorella's Journal said:

    hi 'm was cheking some blogs .. and i really your blog the photos are the best ones! fiorella check out my blog and cive me your opinion...

  • Nina Oliveira said:

    Nice pic

  • Sam said:

    Bloody nora, sunshine - love the snaps...you make me want to stop taking pictures!

  • Golden said:

    Could you tell me how to add pics Please....in between blogs...
    Thanks Much

  • shumbelina said:


    I want to learn how to photograph, professionally, properly

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  • diE to SELF LiVE foR ChRisT said:

    AWESOME pics!!!!!!

  • wong said:

    Gosh... I like the slow shutter one... :D Nice move by the way :P

  • Zkike said:

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    I like too much the photo, but sports photos, really you have ones? good lucky with your next pictures.

  • Tim Halberg said:

    For those who are wondering about cameras, and don't want to break the bank, but want to learn, I would definitely highly support the purchase of a Canon Rebel digital kit with the lens. Learning with an SLR is the only way to go, and learning via digital will truly speed up the learning curve.

  • The Humanity Critic said:

    Just passing through, cool blog by the way.

  • Inscripcion178 said:

    great pics...

  • shumbelina said:

    Love your photos, your blog by the way

  • mark_mueller said:

    I love the hand shot. Im gonna go check out your site right now.

  • Pedro Duarte said:

    Wow! The blume and the fing pictures are just great!
    Nice shots !

  • Magdalena said:

    Muy lindas!!! I really liked what I saw. i'll become a frecuent flyer from now on. :) Mag

  • sarah said:

    hello, got to your blog through blogger and i ve gone through your previous stuff. couldnt help but admire your work. its been a previlage watching your pics.



  • SodaFoutian said:

    Nice sophisticated photos. Even me, a teenager thinks those are awesome...

  • Ana said:

    Awesome site! I used to live in Santa Barbara... I miss it! Cool photos!

  • allison WONDERland said:

    Just wanted to say, without being redundant with everyone else, that you have a unique eye. Very awesome how you see things to catch in just the right way. Nice to always see a new perspective. Thank you for sharing with us.

  • Suave 1 said:

    I love the top picure on this day. A beautiful silloette of a pair of high heels on a steel table... beautiful.

    I also enjoyed the wide lens effect on the under car shot... pretty cool...


    Please don't tell me, now that I think about as I'm writing it... that it is not a pair of heels...

  • Erykillo said:

    Sin duda alguna, me encatan la fotograf

  • Pinche Gata said:

    Beautiful..very beautiful pictures. You are very talented Mr!!

  • Anonymous said:

    Love the stilettos. Fabulous photo. It brings a lot to mind. Pictures can be worth a thousand words, thoughts, fantasies...


  • double o negative said:

    I'm an amateur photographer with a Canon A-1 that I love and a Pentax istDS which I love but not as much as the canon. I was wondering if you could email me back and let me know a little about the photo titled Brent from your wed sept 14 post? two guys standing together, B&W. How'd you expose, develop and print the picture? Thanks in advance. Robin

  • Greg said:

    I really like this shot! TALENT!!

  • Waseem Sindhu said:

    Wow! love the pictures, your idea and tallent. Keep sharing :)

    Please checkout mine

  • ephilosophe said:

    Kind of vague. Are you talking of State Street in downtown Chicago?

  • ephilosophe said:

    Kind of vague. Are you talking of State Street in downtown Chicago?