Accidental shot from ebay shoot

Accidental shot from ebay shoot

  • The Creative Death said:


  • ~Manda said:

    that's kinda neat lookin! :)

  • Tricia Trzeciak said:

    Your selling your jeans??

  • alannajoy said:

    hahaha..Tricia's funny. Nice blog...I'm definitely going to bookmark you. Many interesting imagery.

  • Photography said:

    Nice tricky shot!

  • CAROLYNE said:

    I don't understand this photo.
    For me it's not a beautiful photo , a radiography ?

  • atnihs said:

    are those jeans or speakers? No, wait...don't answer that. Keep it a mystery. :)

  • Anna vB said:

    you can do that on accident? dude, i can't even do that on purpose. i like it! maybe a different kind of detergent for my jeans might do the trick. if they're not jeans though, i'd be screwed ;)

  • PeeeJ said:

    carolyne must be making reference to her own profile photo! hehe. Everyone's entitled to their own interpretation, but Carolyne, please qualify your comments with something reasonable.

    Love the pics - no qualification uttered - just like 'em.

  • F said:

    Dude, I created a link to your blog on mine because this is one of the most intelligent blogs I ever seen. Good job! (sorry, my blog is in portuguese, but theres photos and images there)