Alright folks… the show is over… my blog is no longer massively broken!!!

That’s right… I went back, deleted my WHOLE blog, and now re-installed… I lost the last few posts, but you know what… compared to how whacked I made the blog this week, I’m ok with that.

So, who here can tell me when Michael Jordan dunked from the Free-Throw line in the NBA Slam Dunk competition?… (don’t ask why, I’ve just been obsessed with this today!)

  • admin said:

    It might be ugly... but it's finally functional!!!

  • TIM!!! Wasn't it in 85? I think he was just inside the line though, and he did the double clutch in 87 or 88? Don't remember..

  • Maya said:

    I have no idea, but Scott says 1982. (Of course, I was 2 at the time, so don't ask me) LOVE the Debbie and Kyle pics!

  • sandig said:

    Sweet! One step at a time...

    sorry don't follow the NBA! : )

  • peteyd said:

    it was in 1988 and i believe he beat dominique wilkins. That also happens to be the year that a crippled Kirk Gibson homered off of dennis eckersley in game 1 of the world series to give the dodgers the win. one of the best moments in sports. see it here:

  • Haha... awesome!!

    Thanks for all the comments guys!! And Peter, good stuff!!! If anyone has a chance, you should definitely bookmark Peter's blog!!! (he just started blogging, but he's an amazing photographer!!)

  • oh... and in case anyone wants to see, here's a documentary about Jordan's dunking championships:

  • michael jordan? you are so funny! that must be why we're friends:)