Another late night, but this time I’m posting up…

Another late night, but this time I’m posting up two photos. We shot a wedding at the Firestone Vineyard, and it’s hard to pick just one when you shot more than 1,000.

  • OpenSourcePhoto said:

    Great shots yesterday! You da man!

    Did you get your shuffle back!

  • Tim Halberg said:

    The shuffle is back and perfectly functional, even though it was doused in melted peanut butter and chocolate shake. I then rinsed it under water in the sink and dried it off. Thank God for Flash technology ey?

  • Amber said:

    So excited to actually see pictures that you have taken!!! WooHoo! Fun stuff! We have something SO fun to tell you guys about this weekends wedding!!!

    (Peanut butter and chocolate shakes are my VERY favorite!!!! )

  • Chantel said:

    I LOVE both of these pics Timmer. Amazing.

  • Belinda Skreete said:

    good eye!

  • J Holden said:

    simply breathtaking

  • Photofit said:

    Nice schots great

  • Photofit said:

    Have a look to Photofit.blogspot

  • Sunshine said:

    you're a great photographer =D you really captured well that couple in the above pic when they were on the sidewalk. Firestone vineyard-are you referring to the vineyard owned by family of Andrew (?) Firestone? from the Bachelor? on tv they showed the Firestones owned a's just a trivial matter ..just wondering.

  • Jacob Merk said:

    Great candid.

  • Tim Halberg said:

    Thank you guys for all the sweet comments. Seriously, I'm totally humbled when I see everyone else's work, but thank you.

    Yep, this is the Firestone Vineyard as in Andrew Firestone from the Bachelor. A beautiful location for sure.

  • buggsuperstar said:

    Wow... the first shot of the lock of hair is awesome!

    Great work!

  • Ah Chooooo! said:

    Photos are great. It shows a great deal about what happen around you. Lovely.

  • Ad said:

    Just happened upon your site, great photos man, do I take it you're pro?
    Will tell my boss tomorrow that his report isn't finished on account of your blog ;)

  • Tim Halberg said:

    Haha... thanks Ad. I'd love to hear about what it is your boss is doing.

    Yeah, my full-time job is photography. I couldn't ask for a better profession. :-)

    Hope you're enjoying your day.

  • Byrdie said:

    I just stopped by while browsing and wanted say that you do a wonderful job. I am just a amature at pics. Anyone can be a photographer but it takes great imagination and love of the profession to get the awesome shots such as you have.The couples that have you as their photographer, all I can say is, they will truelly be forever grateful.Moments like the ones you capture, are one in a million!
    Simply amazing!