Awesome new Kiss sample album!!!

We’re constantly on the lookout for weddings that we can use for a sample album, and it’s never easy picking just one. (honestly, I wish we could do a sample from every wedding we shoot, but that would be way too many albums!!) Thankfully Jaime and Jeff were a super hot couple and after shooting their wedding here in Santa Barbara at the Fess Parkers Double Tree Resort we knew their wedding would make for a perfect sample album.

We ended up with sooo many great images from this wedding that the sample album design ended up being a total of 148 pages or 74 spreads!!! (That means a total of 3 separate volumes!!) This gave us an awesome opportunity to order one album showcasing all three leather colors we offer, Black, Brown and Red.

If you get a chance, stop by our new office and we’ll give you a look at what we’ve created! (oh, and if you’d like some chocolates or StarBucks Frappaccino, or New Castle, or Snapple, or water

  • No wine, whats up with that I thought you were the wine connoisseur's. When I lived in vegas and went to art galleies they would give you free wine. In hopes that they would get you buzzed so you might buy something.

  • haha, i'm trying to find a good spot for the wine in the office, but i assure you if you visit there will be a glass of wine waiting for you...

  • Jasmine* said:

    I really love the Kiss albums...and I know this compliment may come late, but Jaime and Jeff's wedding slideshow is amazing!! So HOT!! :)

  • dude - you wanna shoot this weekend? I think you trashed my email. Gimme a shout if you're available.

  • Alex Robb said:

    Can I come too - about time for another workshop!
    Cool - an office!

  • Kiss albums Tim's photos, always inspiring and nothing short of cool!