Big wave day in so cal (I’m definitely not a surf …

Big wave day in so cal (I’m definitely not a surf photog)

These guys definitely are surf photogs

  • Elizabeth said:

    Wow. I wish I lived closer to the beach!!!! Great pics, Timoteo!

  • The Creative Death said:

    Ohh cool. those are some fancy cameras they got there.

  • julie said:

    okay, this shows my minnesota surfing naivete, but what's that guy going to do with his paddle when he's surfing?

  • Maria said:

    what's with the paddle? nice shot!

  • ????? said:

    ha i love last pic.
    whatever let me think the word..
    u catch them, i catch u back.
    that is so funny.

  • Jill Deering said:

    hey Tim
    Its jill here from Jelico blog - wanted to send you some songs via email - but dont have your email add - could you email me with it and then ill send you some of my stuff.

    Cheers for your msg on my blog by the way - im a HUGE fan of your work - and YES...I will let you know if im ever plaing in LA...would LOVE you to take some pictures of us performing!

  • Dick Lai said:

    I wanna be one of them. I love the last one.
    I wish I can be a good sport photog.

  • Jack Uzi said:

    Its been a while since I've been back - but always a pleasure to see your photos. Keep up the good work.