Check Out Our Brand New Business Cards – Thanks Sugar Plum!

When it came time to re-do our business cards (it’s been time for a while!) there was only one place we considered – Sugar Plum Invitations. Becky is simply the SWEETEST girl you will ever meet and has the mad skills on a letterpress machine (is that what you call them???)

We’d known for a while we wanted to do letterpress business cards and we finally pulled the plug and went for it and couldn’t have been more stoked on the results! Our name and logo sunk beautifully into some super duper thick 220# white cotton paper stock, sooooo awesome!!!

Check out these beauties:

Santa Barbara wedding photographers letterpress business cards

letterpress business cards Santa Barbara Wedding photographers

Santa Barbara letterpress business cards for wedding photographers

letterpress business cards for Santa Barbra Wedding Photographers

Definitely hit up Becky if you want some sweet cards and she’ll make sure you get nothing but the best!

  • I took a letterpress class at my community college recently, so much fun. What color is the ink? It either changes or there is a chromatic aberration. Nice detail on the tree too.

  • it's a two tone... lighter gray and black, just like our logo

  • Alisha said:

    I love her!!!! She has done stuff for us too!

  • Becky said:

    You are too kind Tim! It was fun to see the final project, very crisp and chic! Many thanks! b

  • Austin said:

    was thinking of some letterpress style cards. now i gots to get some! Fred Egan has some cool ones too.

  • Chad: looked again on a different computer monitor, and yeah, there's a bit of chromatic aberration going on there... gotta love lenses!!

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  • Bro, I freakin love the new cards! they rock, nice way to up the ante! Awesome and Ill are all I gotta say.