From last night at dinner.

From last night at dinner.

  • darcy said:

    to be honest, i don't really know what to say about that. i was taken back for just a moment. what kind of restaurants do you go to?

  • Lisa VM said:

    I had no idea you wore nail hide it well!

  • Tclement said:

    Excuse me tim. But it is now Sept 8th.

    You have missed a Day.


  • Lorenzo Sky said:

    Loved it. Amazing shots. Learnt abit too.
    Stay cool
    visit me if u have time dude.

  • Anonymous said:

    Wut kinda crap is that

  • VE9WH Jim said:

    Every once in a while you find a picture that just jumps out at you..... I love it.

  • MentesSueltas said:

    Me gust

  • SouLzLosT said:

    U were probably be eatin' Prawnz at that time :P
    anywayz this is ma first eva blog that i saw n to which i replied too ;)

    so ConGradz u just found me :)

    KeEp On SnaPpiN'
    You RocK

  • carolyn said:


  • psb2006 said: