Gaviota, CA 8.31.05 I had shot this location onc…

Gaviota, CA

I had shot this location once before, and remembered how beautiful the setting sun was over the train tracks. Well… that must have been a very different time of year, because the sun set quite a bit north of the tracks today, but still left a little bit of color to capture.

  • OpenSourcePhoto said:

    Very cool shot! You da man! :)

  • OpenSourcePhoto said:

    Why do you feel the need to lie in your profile - WWJD Tim

  • Tclement said:

    Nice On TIme.....

    So now your on the CLock. Don't thinnk we won't give you a bad time if you start slacking!!!!!

  • Anonymous said:

    That leaves me with a very magical feeling.

    youre very talented turtlehead. Very talented, and very magical.


  • Anonymous said:

    Love it! Keep em coming!

  • Amber said:

    Yeah Tim!!! A new blog to be obsessed with! Just what I needed!!!!

  • Tclement said:

    Its not TIm...

    Its the Magical Turtle Head!!!!!

  • Eleonora said:

    There is some nice pictures.