Gotta love nate

Gotta love nate

  • The Creative Death said:

    woah...thats real....woah.

  • Ruben said:

    Please tell me that this photo is the result of photoshop? lol

  • Sandig said:

    "holy terror!"
    the first thing that came to mind... the light around his head could almost be a...

    -halo 3.)the splendor with which imagination surrounds an object of affection or esteem

    scary and funny at the same time.
    took me aback at first. :)

  • Eric said:

    Funky funky funky.... Love it! Merci!

  • OpenSourcePhoto said:

    Did you use Photoshop on that? Looks so natural.

  • Tim Halberg said:

    Lol... thankfully this isn't real... a simple photoshop trick that is super easy and fun that my buddy Blaine Franger ( taught me. (Lol, he just told me he hates that google picks up links that are from blogs where his name is mentioned, so I apologize to him for this again, but seriously, check out his work, it's AMAZING!!!)

  • Spider Girl said:

    His uniqueness shines through. :)

  • nate said:

    thanks for the commend dj...

  • lotus dew said:

    the face in the pic is 100% it cant be real
    one vertical half is the mirror image of the other......
    good job anyways..

  • Dick Lai said:

    really cool! A triangle face :)

  • Candice said:

    i'm glad all of these folks asked what i was thinking...

  • atnihs said:

    Lol. Ah, the magic of photoshop!

  • Anna vB said:

    very freaky. not a fun thing to wake up to!

  • blaine said:

    Thanks for the comment Tim. Pretty weird trick eh... You should do some more of them!

    If you guys want to see some more of these that I did, check them out here-

    there is some weird stuff in there!

  • The Creative Death said:

    I keep looking at this, and keep getting freaked out by it.
    It just sucks you in and you can't look away....