I feel pretty tough today

Because I bought a new knife!!! (yes Mark… I can be a pretty tough guy… even if it requires holding a knife) ๐Ÿ˜‰

My buddy Taylor and myself are headed out on a 5 night survival backpacking trip. (aka, a weightloss intervention for me) lol

Yes, I have an addiction to buying things, nice things.

SOG Seal Pup wedding photographers knife

SOG Seal Pup Elite. Soooo sweet! Now I can be like Bear Grylls from Man vs. Wild!

  • Dude, come back alive, we still need to romp through San Francisco! Looks like a wicked knife. What are you going to do with that?

    Oh, and 24 Hour Fitness called me and said you were at the pool, and the Girl's Volleyball team there said you were lookin' H.O.T. Go Tim!

  • You are the man! Go find a dead sheep and carve out it's eyeball and then boil it in a lava pool of water on the end of your shoelace and you will be as tough as Bear. Do it!

  • Haha... oh, I have no fear of animal parts!!! I'm all about it!! There will be some very interesting video after this trip! We're taking only a day's worth of hiking stuff (nalgene, granola bar or two, and such... and maybe a sweater) and heading to the sierras to live off the land!! Haha... can't wait to share the pictures!

  • Freaken Nuts!!! It's been cold up here in Tahoe with the highs hitting the low 60's and the lows at night have been in the high 20s. But it's supposed to warm up a little in the coming days. But still super cold at night.

  • blaine said:

    sounds gnarley wish i could do that with you guys!!