I helped my buddy Michael Costa out with a wedding…

I helped my buddy Michael Costa out with a wedding on Saturday. He broke his ankle at the last wedding he shot and so he needed a little extra help.

Here’s a few quick infrared pictures that I scored with my new camera!

  • Chrystalita said:

    These are awesome! The infrared pictures take at our wedding made us look like dead people. Ghosts. Ghosts walking among the living. They're creepy. THESE are beautiful!!!

    Long time no see/talk. Hope you are well! Like my picture?? :))

  • Foolosopher said:

    your pics are as inspirational as ever ;) absolutely wonderous.

  • The Creative Death said:

    Beautiful! I really like the one of the bride's eyelashes, where they stand out from the picture and from the softness of the veil and the dress. It looks really beautiful.

  • Jake said:

    man- you're good.