I just wanted to let everyone know, I haven’t died…

I just wanted to let everyone know, I haven’t died, and I haven’t stopped shooting. I’m in the process of ramping up my wedding photography business, and I’m editing through something like 15,000 pictures for our new website! 🙂 I can’t wait til everyone can see the new site, it’s going to be AMAZING.

I hope to have everything caught up on here within the week (yes, I’ve still been out shooting, and that’s about another 1,000 to 2,000 more pictures to edit on top of the 15,000…)

  • The Creative Death said:

    See, when one throws out a number like '15 thousand' it immediately becomes understood that the person in question just might possibly be insanely busy.

    I'll try to be patient.

  • Tim Halberg said:

    turns out I was a little low on my estimate. I've already gone through more than 25,000... and still have a ways to go

  • jacksonT said:

    can't wait for the website...

  • Roger said:

    25,000! I can't wait to see which of those make it to your new and improved web site.

    We will be patient!

  • pseyler said:

    patient, smatient...we want photos! :)

  • Steve said:


  • Maria said:

    wow! 25K!

    ditto - i can't wait for the website...

  • arvin said:

    cool! should be excellent!

  • Spider Girl said:

    Eeeeee....and I thought I took a lot of photos! :)

  • Elizabeth said:

    Humm dee humm dee humm dee humm.

    We all are waiting with baited breath.

  • -Matt said:

    25,000 photos to choose from - that's awesome! Just stopping by from OSP and checking out blogs! Have a good day!


  • Shyla said:

    Timmy...please stop keeping us in suspense. We want phtotos! ;)

  • Joy Jensen said:

    I am loving the new additions to your website - way to go!!!!

  • Tim Halberg said:

    welp, we're slowly starting to catch back up. Thanks for all your patiences!! :-)

  • Kelly said:

    Thanks for complimenting the work on my site! I really appreciate it (if anyone else wants to check it out just look at my profile for the link).

    Sorry Tim. I was just trying to be cute, I guess. (You know what I'm talking about even if no one else does.) The Internet really can be a bad place for communication, which is kind of ironic considering that its sole purpose is communication.

    I can't wait for you to start posting again. I'll definitely have to give you a shout-out on my site when you do.