I’d never been to Ellwood before, can’t wait…

I’d never been to Ellwood before, can’t wait to go back again, possibly tomorrow a bit earlier.

  • sweet crystalline said:

    beautiful pictures.

  • Stu said:

    Some of these pictures are outrageously good.

    Top stuff!

  • wong said:

    Nice pictures dude! Love it so much :D

  • TaTa said:

    I loved your pictures...

  • Andr said:

    great photos! a blog of note! see ya!

  • zixbox said:

    First time to visit ur blog !
    I very like ur stlye and love ur photo.

    Can i add ur blog in my favorites??
    Do you know ? I like art,Photo,Movie but i study engineer no so good. The wrong way for me. My family make Thai movie maybe u can know it !

    Keep walking

    : )

  • Foolosopher said:

    this place is UTTERLY UNBELIEVABLE!!!
    I salute you.
    You are so IN to my favourites.
    dude, photography for me is just a hobby, plus my cam has no other function besides 3x zoom and... well...being digital i suppose...
    but I LOVE what you've done!!!
    man. you're an inspiration.
    envy your style...
    (sometimes I think i'm just TOO good for other people's ego's)
    anyway, come visit my site if you're ever free! it's artinmyworld.blogspot.com
    hope you don't mind taking a few peeks at the works of an am.

  • John R. Sanchez said:

    Nice Photos! Your are talented my friend! Take care!


  • Aadil Mukhtar said:

    great pics... u can visit www.ilovekashmir.blogspot.com to see same cool pics of kashmir...

  • gorjuzz_bella said:

    hii really nice pictures their amazing

  • xaelizious said:

    great site & pictures, the color of they are spectacular, what type of camera are u using.
    I'm too a photo lover, and i'm thinking study something about, u study something? or u are self-taught person.

    Greetings from Spain.

  • Mayuresh said:

    Pretty good. I speciall liked the one with the bride in it.

    I have posted about you in my photo blog.

  • Benedict said:

    I'm from Hong Kong...
    I want to make a good picture...
    I find your blog from Blogger...
    What a beautiful pictures...
    I like everything...
    Can you give me some comment?
    Thank you very much...^-^...

  • sadbaby said:

    what images! glad to have found your blog. you can maybe check out my amateurish shots on my blog and give me some feedback
    :) x

  • Not so scary Mary said:

    Just found your blog, going into my favorites. Unbelievable photos!

  • F said:

    I love the melancholie of beach.

  • Sarah said:

    Beautiful. Just wanted to say I loved your website (davidjay.com). Absolutely wonderful photography. Loved the way your site was set up, too. Loved the songs and the presentation of the shots. :)

  • Chuli Pichuli said:

    cool pictures man

  • Vinod said:

    very nice! I agree with your comment about having more hours in a day...there is so much to do, so little time!! :-)

  • Thoughts said:


    One photo a day! its nt enough for your talent!!

    Keep it going

  • ranjith said:

    Excellent Photography Jay

  • coolnina97.com said:

    Hi there,

    Great blog - brilliant idea to capture your life through the lens. As the old cliche goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. Very cool, and have added you to my blogroll :-)
    PS: Loved the photos of the wedding (bride getting her hair done) further down.


  • bohemian said:

    Very good compositions. Which camera do you use and at what exposure? Would be a help if you can share some information.

  • maria caraota said:

    Wow! Nice pics! :D I like it

  • James Ross Anderson said:

    what a fantastic blog matey...

  • kruy said:

    absolutely gorgeous!

    the color of the sky, the horizon and the sea... beautiful.

  • Emma said:

    wow this is SUCH a great idea for a blog! you have some real talent, man.

  • Pics of Katrina said:

    Check out these pics of the aftermath of Katrina

    Go to www.scripturist.com

  • Ana Gabriela said:

    Hi I'm from Panama, Central America. I was wondering if you can give me an advice on where could i study Photgraphy in the States. I know there are tons of places, but if you'd have to say a couple of schools, which do you think are good and not sooo expensive? I'd like to do that, but studies in the States are very expensive in comparison with Europe, etc. ok, let's not think about money, just good schools and give the advice to se if I can visit their sites.
    your photos are very cool! which camera do you use.? please write back to miss_oboe@yahoo.com

  • baby girl said:

    hello i founf ur blog it's cool keep it up

    take care n cya soon:*:*:*:*:*:*

  • Olive said:

    Hi, | like your pictures ... so beautiful !

    Great ;-)

    Bye ...

  • Fred said:

    Really nice pictures dude, beautiful enough to warrant a link from my blog.

  • Genie-ology said:

    gorgeous photos, thank you for the visual stress relief

  • Ryan James said:

    ~rYAN jAMES

  • Eddie said:

    These are wonderful pictures you have here. You truly have a gift.

  • The fotoUR said:

    terrific shots!

  • Singing Cactus said:

    You are amazing Man!

  • SiKi said:

    spectacular work mate. Keep it up. I would love to let you grab my wedding in your camera. by the way how much you charge lol ;-)

  • Tim Halberg said:

    lol... I was in such a hurry to put up my website that I forgot prices and what not... yikes.

    Well, I can always make something work for you. My starting price is $3,000 and then everything just kinda depends on what you want such as an album, prints and other goodies. Geez, can't believe I forgot that in my site... Will post that soon

  • Babs said:


    Wonderful shots! Seriously, I think the one I liked the most was the one with the Bride. It looks as if you could tell what she was thinking, a moment captured with such a genuine glow.. I don't know, made me smile somehow. :) I like the idea that in photographs there is no time. Just the moment itself. I don't know. Must love it.

    Take care.

  • chippy said:

    Magnificent pics.
    Call me if you need a butterfly :)

  • Kiwi (no not the fruit!) said:

    These are Fantastic Pictures, I aspire to be able to have the creativity to shoot and know when and how to shoot what you shoot! Keep it up your work is brilliant!!

  • pikachu said:

    amazing photos!
    i should browse more often!

  • Chprmgs said:

    muy buenas fotos!!!



  • Kevin said:

    nice photos i dont know much bout photo art but these are cool

  • Jeff said:

    ur pics are cool man. When i get married i'm gonna ask u to take my wedding pictures. hahaha. man ur very good.
    I saw u said something that people wanna order prints. You can use cafepress

  • Vipponah said:


    The sunset and wedding pictures especially good. You have a natural talent for taking good pictures.

  • Kevin said:

    just beautiful !

  • Robbie said:

    Wow I like your pics there realy good.

  • Justin said:

    Amazing, I love it!

  • Jacob Merk said:

    excellent. Truely excellent.

  • ELG XX said:

    You've got the photographer's touch. Great photos! I wish I could take snapshots just like you. Keep it up!

    ELG XX

  • Erykillo said:

    Una vez m

  • Freightshaker said:

    You have an amazing eye! A truly excellent collection. When the image you capture invokes emotion and provokes thought you know you have something more than just a snapshot. I'm a trucker and I try to capture my travels on film as a hobby. Some helpful criticize of my blog images would be most appreciated. I noticed others are asking advice also so whenever you can cruise my blog, I'm in no hurry. Thanks and good luck.

  • crazydenzki said:

    beautiful photos...i wish i also know how to...sigh...i just love photos...

  • Albus said:


  • OpenSourcePhoto said:


  • cow said:

    This is soooo beautifullllll !!! I love it :)

  • Rage said:

    Well Done!

  • paul said:

    All the comments have been said before so I'm just gonna have to repeat them-just wow-these shots of Ellwood on Tuesday 13 September are so beautiful-just so good. If jealousy wasn't so unattractive I'd be jealous of your talent ;-)

    Gonna have to keep coming back-and on my way to check out your site now.

    Thank you,

    Take it easy and please keep posting......

  • alejjj said:


  • Anonymous said:

    Muy buenas fotos. My name is Marcos from argentina, congratulations, good.
    See you later!!!!!!!

  • M said:

    Bumped into your blog from "Notable Blogs" on the front page of Blogger. So glad I came in. These are wonderful photographs. You are very talented.

    Hope you have a great day and take many more incredible photographs. It is an art.

  • The Jane Doe Chronicles said:

    Hi Tim ... Loved the Ellwood. Lovely shots.


  • quimera said:

    Tuesday, September 13, 2005. First photo ..

    simply .. wonderful

  • Ricardo Almeida said:

    Excelent pictures, man!

    Best regards,


  • Famous Boxer said:

    Some amazing pictures!